Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New year, new me!...well hopefully!

It has been some time since I had posted because I was trying to use my free time to organize my house.  I am failing at it miserably, but it is one of my resolutions so I am going to keep at it!  So they say the first way to keep a resolution is to write them down.  So rather than just put them on a post it, I figured that I would post it on my blog.  I really have two big ones this year.

I have been gaining off and on for the past ten years, but after I had a baby well it was a whole new ballgame!

The other is to organize this house.  Organization has never been my strong suit but I am trying. 

Also in the spirit of the attempted "New Me" I will be trying to do some giveaways that fall under those categories.  My first one will be from Healthy Choice!  Which I love!!!!

I will be going to the grocery store to pick up some of their delicious new meals for my lunch.  Hopefully by planning a lunch and having it handy, well I will be able to stay on track!
If you happen to have any organization tips, please post them!  LOL  I can use all of the help that I can get.

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