Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter is on its way!

I have to admit that I am so excited about this coming Easter.  I love Easter almost as much as I love Christmas.  I love the Easter dresses, Easter egg hunts, all of the pastel flowers and spending time with my family.  I think back to when I was a child and have such vivid memories of  my mom taking me to the local Easter egg hunt sponsored by my church.  I remember receiving the Venture sales flyer (for those that have never heard of Venture it was a department store like a K-mart,) and circling out the biggest pinkest Easter basket that I would inevitably never receive.  My mom always made us beautiful baskets that had better things inside, but I tried for the store bought one every year.  I remember the Chinese jump rope that I used to loop around a coffee table and a chair so that I could play with it on my own in my living room.

I have all of these warm memories that now are being replaced by new ones with my daughter and two sons.  I have driven the children all over town locating the best Easter Egg hunts in the city.  My daughter did pretty good last year at 18 months, but now that she is two and a half I suspect she is really going to dive in and get those eggs.  I love watching how thousands of eggs look so pretty laying all over the grass and then disappear within just a few minutes after the horn blows.  And did I mention the amazing Easter brunches?  We found a fabulous one over at Moody Gardens and well that is now the tradition.   They also have little yellow chicks that the kids could hold, pictures with the Easter Bunny and two egg hunts.  It is a great day of food, fun and games and I plan on doing it every year. 

I now make my children's Easter baskets each year as my mother had.  I get excited getting the plastic grass that goes in the bottom.  Did you know that it isn't only green?  Now they have pinks and purples!  I do find goodies from the dollar store and shop early.  You can find some fantastic basket suffers there as long as you shop early and you can create a beautiful custom basket for less than the smallest one at your local CVS.  If you need any tips, post your questions and I will definitely help you out!  So I guess  I would say that I have lots of favorite things about Easter.  What are some of yours?

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