Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Found a new joy!

So I have had a brand new bike in the garage for well probably about a year and a half.  We had a seat for Sam to ride on the back but it just wouldn't install properly.  So the other day I just bought one of those trailers that attach to the back of the bike.  Sam and I took our first ride a few days ago and it was wonderful!  I just loved how peaceful it felt to just quietly ride.  Samantha really enjoyed it too! So this weekend the whole family decided to go on a bike ride and we decided to go to the butterfly park.  This is a park in another part of our neighborhood.  We all got on our bikes and started out.  We made it to the park and had a great time swinging, sliding and tossing the football around.  Unfortunately on the way back, I cut a corner too tightly and well Samantha and I tipped over.  She was scared but unharmed.  Thankfully the trailer had a five point harness and she as strapped in.  I was shocked but Sam actually got back in the trailer and we continued our ride home.  I figured she would have been too scared to try it again, but she did great!  All she kept saying was "careful Mommy....Mommy careful."  It was adorable.  She did so good and I paid better attention to the trailer behind me.  It was a great ride!  Also the trailer was super easy to put together which shocked me totally!  They have a very similar on on amazon if you were looking for a good one.  Ours is just like this one only red and it doesn't convert to a stroller.

Have a great day everyone and I hope you are all well!

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