Monday, June 6, 2011

Ipad or Bust

So I never considered myself to be someone who needed the latest gadget.  My mom friends have camera based baby monitors and well mine was probably 12.99 at Toys R Us, and I am fine with that.  Some people have diaper pails, I have a trash can.   So why oh why do I want an IPAD so badly?  I laugh because I often dream of all of the wonderful apps I could finally get if I only had one.  How I am missing out on this or that because I don't have one yet and how I am secretly jealous of my recently tech savvy mother who not only just got hers but also beat me on to facebook.  How many woman do you know in their 30's whose mother was on facebook before they were?  Yeah that would be mine.  And don't get me wrong, I think it is awesome, but I think this is one place where I just can't settle.  I have never had an ipod nano, or mini or whatever they are called, never an ipod touch either.  Though I would like an ipod touch as well, my sites are currently set on an ipad.  The only thing I wonder is that if there is another tablet that is better?  All of my research says no, but you never know right?  So I will be saving and hopefully getting one soon.  Have you ever had something that you just wanted so badly?  This is the first thing that I have wanted in quite some time...

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