Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parenting other peoples kids

Do you ever feel the need to do this?  I really had a mom moment the other day when I found one of the children screaming bloody murder because she had a non-existent boo boo and instinctively I kissed her elbow and she stopped crying, smiled and went about her way.  Now this should drum up two questions.  One where is the mother of this screaming child?  And two, should I really be kissing another kids elbow?  Probably not on the second question but the more obvious first question has me thinking.  How far is looking out for other peoples kids versus just enabling them to engage in social time rather than watch their kid?  I typically don't make waves at play dates.  I want my daughter to interact with the other kids and have a great time.  I don't want to feel awkward or start any of the inevitable drama that goes along with large groups of women.  I may like to hear the gossip on occasion but not necessarily spread any of it.  So is it my responsibility to go up to that mother and say something?  The old me would have in a heart beat.  I called a spade a spade with absolutely no filter.  I guess having Samantha has softened me a bit.  So instead I take the approach of keeping an eye on my child, and those of my closer friends and well let everyone else deal with their own.  Part of me would love to go up to these women and say, WATCH YOUR KIDS! But well even when you do that, they tend to disagree and tell you that they had been watching them the whole time.  I don't usually rant but well somethings just have to be said.  Do you all have similar issues like this?  How did you handle them?

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