Wednesday, February 16, 2011

little ways I share happiness with those around me

Sometimes I think that we tend to kind of get wrapped up in our own lives to where we tend to isolate ourselves from everyone else.  When I start feeling this way, I try to share a little happiness with friends and family.  Since moving to Texas with my husband, most of the ways that I communicate with my friends is through Social Networking sites like Facebook.

You would be surprised how much a kind note or just a compliment on someone's wall telling them that you just wanted to say 'hi" could really change some one's day.  I watch people's update posts as they get laid off or deal with different financial issues or sometimes they a just changing their status to single (and it wasn't their idea).   It makes me thankful that I am really in a fortunate spot.   When I see those post that make things hard, I might post a link to a free coupon online that might help with the grocery budget, or maybe a picture of a friend and I that we had taken in the past.  I like to let people know that they are thought of and I think these little things that I do really do help spread a little happiness. 

Given the state of the economy it shows that happiness is so closely tied to our bank accounts.  But it really doesn't have to be that way.  Focusing on the little pieces of enjoyment have truly helped my happiness.  I take my daughter to the park as often as I can because it reminds me that true happiness is free.  I take the kids bowling with a buy one game get one game free coupon so that they enjoy a day out but it doesn't force me to sacrifice my pocket book.  These little things invest in my children's happiness as well. 

On occasion my friends might tease me because I am posting yet another coupon on my Facebook page or tweeting out another good deal that I have found.  That is ok, because for those people that are teasing me, there are others thanking me for the amazing deal that they had just gotten on formula or diapers.   There is someone out there who is enjoying a two for one dinner that they had printed up from one of my links, that they wouldn't normally be able to do because they just didn't have the liquid funds to take themselves out.  I don't do it for the gratitude though.  I do it because I enjoy sharing my goodies with my friend and family.  I love showing them how to shop for free at CVS or letting them know that has groceries and that they can buy them with money they earned from surveys online. 

So if you have a moment, take some time out of your day and let people know that you are thinking of may just be a quick moment to you, but it may just make their day.  Also be creative because as you are sharing happiness with your family and friends, you are in part also increasing your own sense of happiness as well.

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