Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Princess's first trip to the "Theater"

So I stumbled onto the fact that Sesame Street Live was showing in our city.  My daughter just loves Elmo.  She has Elmo books, PJ's, shirts, toys and well anything you can think of.  Her second birthday had an Elmo theme.  So when I happen to find out that Sesame Street Live was here, well getting tickets was a no brainer!  I was so excited that we had ordered the tickets and was dying to tell her about them.  Well of course a two year old wouldn't exactly understand what tickets to a show was.

Finally yesterday was the day!  I was so excited to see her reaction to seeing all of her favorite character come to life in front of her.  Well first Burt and Ernie come out on stage, and you can see the slight confusion then one by one more and more characters came out.  She was mesmerized with the sheer look of excitement, disbelief and happiness on her face.  I started crying.  I know...lame right?  But I could only imagine what she must have been feeling.  She was captivated by the song and the dances and all of her friends on stage.  In my head, I am thinking that this is only the first of many show moments that I will be able to share with her.  It was wonderful.  She made it all the way through the 90 minute show with only a little bit of wiggling.  Hey!  Ninety minutes is a long time for a two year old.  I could really tell she enjoyed it.  She even said that she wanted to go again!

The sad part was that due to the lighting it was impossible to get a picture of her watching the show so I will just have to keep it in my head.  It was a wonderful moment in our relationship.  I am sure it probably meant more to me as the sappy mom, but well...I am who I am....

Thank you Sesame Street Live!  What a great moment!

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