Monday, May 23, 2011

Five summer getaways that every kid should experience

With Memorial day weekend coming up, Alamo Insiders came up with a great topic for my next blog post.  I was super excited when Alamo Insiders proposed a great question.  They wanted to know about five different summer getaways that every kid should experience.  I couldn't wait to weigh in on this topic given that one of the my answers, I am actually sharing with my family this weekend.

So given that getaways can be expensive I wanted to share some budget friendly options as well as the pricier choices too.  First is a super budget friendly option and that is exactly what we are doing this weekend.  We are taking our first camping trip complete with tents, smores and sleeping bags.  I think this is defiantly a great option because it forces everyone to spend some time out in nature.  There are no televisions, video games or electricity for that matter.  The children will find joy in fishing and reading and spending time as a family.  We are staying at a national campground and the best part about that was the price.  For sixty dollars you can spend three nights on a holiday weekend.  I really can't wait to introduce kids to simpler forms of entertainment and show them that there is a life outside of television and video games.

The next one that I think is a great option is a trip to San Antonio.  San Antonio has great food, great entertainment and the Alamo.  You can not only show the kids the amazing theme parks like Sea World and Six Flags, but you can teach them about US history over at the Alamo. 

I also love bringing the kids on Galveston Island, TX.  Even though this city was hit by a hurricane a few years ago, there is so much fun stuff to do there.  The city has almost rebuilt itself and is in a constant flux of renovation but is the home of beautiful beaches, cruise ports and Moody Gardens.  Moody Gardens is a learning mecca of fun.  There is an aquarium, rainforest, 4D movies, a beach and pool area.  There are loads of things that you can do there and all are reasonably priced.

The next place I love is Edisto Island, SC.  This is a beautiful little island that has some beautiful quiet resorts and miles and miles of beaches.  The best part about his island is that there are very few people that live there.  There is never a problem staking out a great place to just enjoy the beach.  There is also golf courses, driving ranges and cute little restaurants. 

Lastly of course is Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, FL.  Since I used to work for the mouse, I really can't wait to bring my daughter there and share with her all of the amazing things that Walt Disney World has to offer.  We are planning our trip next year and staying at the Campgrounds in one of their amazing cabins.  The kids are looking forward to not only going to the parks, but the different activities that you can do right on the resort. 

I could write all day about WDW, but I will save that for a later post.  What are some of your favorite places that you like to take your kids?  Share with me! I am always looking for new ideas.

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