Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We really did have a very nice Halloween this year complete with plenty of candy, pumpkins and costumes.  We got up early and Kevin drove a whole 26 miles down the road to go and get us Dunkin Donuts and coffee for me.  The kids eventually got up and everyone carved a pumpkin.   Unfortunately one of the big ones had begun to get soft, but luckily we had a little pumpkin for sammie to "make".  I did try to convince her to use the Mr. Potatoe Head pieces to decorate her pumpkin, but she wasn't having it.  So I gutted it and all three kids made their own. 

Later the boys went over to their mom's house for a hayride and Daddy, Sammie and I headed out into the neighborhood.  For some reason, Sammie wasn't having it.  We went around the block and opted to just hand out candy from the drive way and keep a cooler close by.  This was definitely Sammie's domain.  She loved the kids coming up for candy and had fun "trick or treating" from our own candy bin.  In fact, here is a shot of Sammie giving Mommy a kiss, but then also snaking some candy at the same time.  My little sneaky butterfly! 

I hope you and your families all had a wonderful Halloween, and comes the holiday season!!!

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