Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So last night I just learned that my two year old has preferences on what pajamas she wears.  We were at Kohls yesturday and bought a two pack of pajamas.  They both had Elmo on them because she just hearts Elmo.  So while making dinner, Samantha needs to have her diaper changed.  I figured I would change her diaper and put on a pair of her new pajamas.  So I grab the blue pair that had a big Elmo on the front.  A few minutets later, Samantha comes up to me with the pink pair of Elmo pajamas in one hand and the pj's she was wearing half unzipped.  I couldn't believe it but she was insisting on wearing the pink ones.  I went ahead changed her thinking that my daughter is no longer a baby.  She is starting to make her own decisions and really showing her personality.  I can't believe she has gotten so big so quick. 

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