Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Day!!!

     So this morning I was struggling coming up with a topic to write about when a bunch of material ended up on my front door!  Literally!  I am so excited to have received some of the products that I can offer for you to you all for giveaways.  I was discussing my blog today with a friend and realized that the best part of reviewing products is the ability "pay it forward" so to speak.  I have only done two giveaways so far and they have both been successful.  The biggest one that I had so far I did primarily for my readers.  I offered up a 75.00 Gift Card to Sears without them essentially giving me anything for my work.  I loved the fact that I could help someone out with their holiday spending this year.

     I realized that I love winning freebies and love coming home to boxes on my porch. By hosting giveaways, I not only get some goodies myself (usually), but I get to give something fun to someone who reads my blog.  It is totally a win-win.  So today I am stoked because I should be having some fun product reviews and giveaways rolling out soon. I went from struggling for material, to having a whole lot to work on!  So I say happy day to everyone!  Hope all of you sweepers out there are winning, and if you aren't a sweeper yet, stay on my blog and win some fun stuff!

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