Saturday, December 4, 2010


As many of you know I am part of a blended family.  I married my husband who already had two sons and now we also have our daughter as well.  Being from a family that really wasn't big on traditions, I wanted to establish some for my family.  I have found to of my favorite holiday outings in Galveston, TX of all places.  They have a festival of lights and actually set up an ice skating rink as well.  Last year we all went skating....well using the word skating really loosely.  Then after we are done skating,  we looked at all of the holiday lights.  They have this festival at Moody Gardens during the month of December.  We also go back there for Easter as well where the hotel has a beautiful brunch and then you can go to their Easter Egg hunt.  Lots of holiday fun at Moody Gardens.  Do you all have any fun traditions?  I am always looking for something to make our lives a little "richer" and maybe create some fun memories for my kids.  (I think we are actually going to Moody Gardens this weekend.) If we do, I will update this post with pictures.

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