Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do you ever compare?

Do you ever compare your kid to other kids?  I really try not to do this too much but I guess it is pretty much human nature right?  Well Sam and I are getting ready to go to our play date today and she is moody to say the least.  Well we get there and I look at her hair and I am mortified!  Her hair is a mess so I go to the bathroom and try to wet down some of her crazy curls.  It actually helped.  Then I look around at all of the other girls in the room and even though they have been running around like crazy children having fun, their hair is pulled up in pretty bows or brushed out and just looks beautiful!  I do admit, that the "girly-girl" gene passed me by but I wonder if people are as critical as I am.  Do they  look at Sam and think oh what a beautiful little girl, but jeez could the mom brush her hair at least?  I really need to remember to do this before leaving the house...it is just sometimes so chaotic!  Do you have anything that you probably slack on more than you should?  Let me know! 

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