Wednesday, April 6, 2011

With Easter coming soon...what memories are triggered?

Being a mom really brings out my memories of childhood.  At Christmas I think of when I used to set up the Christmas tree with my mom, while I am showing my daughter how to hang up ornaments.  When it is Halloween time, I am thinking about the costumes that my mom made for me, while I am shopping for my daughters newest
costume.  (My mom is much more talented behind sewing machine than I am so in my house costumes will continue to be purchased until my skills improve.)  And so now that Easter is on its way all of the Easter egg hunts that she used to bring to memories are flooding back.  What is the first thing that makes me realize that Easter is upon us?  Well the Peeps start hitting the shelves!

I am at CVS and find the shelves lined with pink, yellow and purple versions of the marshmellowy goodness.  Little rows of chicks and bunnies line the shelves and I am instantly transported to when I was seven years old and just realized that it was Easter morning.  I wake up and decide that I am still tired and roll over to go back to sleep, when all of a sudden I realize what today was!  Then I am mad at myself for wasting so much time laying in bed when there is a basket left behind by the Easter Bunny.  What on earth could I have been thinking!  I creep out of my bed and open my bedroom door only to notice that I am the only one awake.  (Thinking back it was probably like 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday so of course everyone is sleeping.)   I creep and go to the stairs overlooking the living room because I want to make sure that the Easter Bunny hadn't forgotten about us and there they are.  Three big and beautiful baskets filled with all kinds of goodies that I needed to see up close.  So instead I run into my sisters room and wake her up and we go and jump on my parents bed to wake them up.  Finally we get to go down and open our baskets.

Inside there are Chinese jump ropes and stickers and yo-yos, but besides all of the little toys there are always two items.  I large chocolate bunny and some Peeps.  Now the chocolate bunny had to wait, but my mom would sometimes let us eat the peeps before breakfast even!  What a treat!  So when I see the Peeps, I always think of the anticipation of the Easter Basket goodies and the early morning candy.  What else could a kid want?  It wasn't until I was way older when I realized that my favorite Easter treat was also fat free.  Talk about heaven!  Do you have any memories of peeps like mine?  What are they?

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