Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Switches Make a Big Difference!

So now that my husband and I have been married for some time now, we have finally been blessed to have somewhat of a routine.  If you happen to know anything about our first year of marriage, well lets just say that it was a whirlwind of activity.  We celebrate our anniversary every March and at every anniversary I pray for the same thing.  A "boring' year.  With three children and a husband, my life is never boring but we like it just not super eventful these days.  So since we are enjoying a but of the solitude that comes from a stable income and healthy children we may tend to come complacent.  Sometimes you need to add a little spark to 'switch' things up. 

I do confess that both my husband and I do enjoy watching television.  Usually there is some sort of sports on the television.  Well as I had noted in an earlier post, that I had purchased a trailer for my daughter to ride in while we ride our bikes.  This little switch gives us the ability to go out bike riding as a family.  We are able to get to the pools here and not have to use the truck which is excellent.  It basically makes going to the park that much more fun because getting there is now part of the activity.  I think that this little switch has brought us all together more as a family and I am sure there will be more family moments like that this spring and summer. 

Another little switch that we my husband and I have made, was to make some more nights out for the two of us.  We met playing cards, so now we try to make it to a local lounge to play in a free texas hold'em tournament.  It is fun because we can do something together that we did before we were married with all of these kids.  There is also another bonus.  If you win the tournament, you actually win money to pay for your food and drinks which was great!  I actually won the last time we had gone and we literally had a free night out!  You just can't ask for better than that!  Blowing off a little steams makes us happier in the long run.  So tell me, do you have any little switches that you do that make a huge difference in your life?

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