Friday, October 15, 2010

Kind of a let down, but still smiling

Today a friend and I are had made plans to get some things accomplished for the craft fair tomorrow.  I have been up to my ears making dog treats to go along with promoting our dog business.  I may not have mentioned it before, but we own a dog walking / pet sitting company and we have been live for a few months now, with a couple of clients.  So we wanted to make some dog collars that we could sell along side of  marketing the pet sitting business for the holidays.  Well we had some collars and needless to say it was a bit of a bust.  We have just come to grips with the fact that the things we are trying just look well...not good enough.  It was a really humbling moment given that my mom is super crafty.  I guess I just haven't found my nitch yet on what exactly I can make and make well.  So I still have two bowls full of dog treat dough that I need to roll out, cut and bake.  Hopefully they will be a hit and people will like them.  My dogs love them...since they have peanut butter in them.  There was one moment today though that I just had to smile.  Right at the point where we both just felt defeated and bummed, Samantha comes up to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and gives me what her version of a kiss was.  It was the sweetest thing at just the best time I could ask for it.  It just made me smile and decide that there has to be something that I am creative at that I can make, I just haven't discovered it yet.  So my search and journey continues.  I really loved making that wreath.  Is there a market out there for those? 

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