Monday, October 18, 2010

Sammie's First Haircut

So since I am going to visit my mom on Thursday, I decided that I really needed to make sure that Sammie had her hair cut.  It has been falling in her face and just always looking messy.  So about two weeks ago, we were all at the mall and I stopped in to  JC Penney to see if they did toddler cuts.  So I walk in and asked them if they had experience doing toddler hair cuts, and her response was that it depended on the the toddler.  It really wasn't the vote of confidence that I was looking for.  It was her first one and I really wanted it to be special.

So while at a playdate some time ago, one of the mom's mentioned that there was a kids salon called "Little Lords and Ladies".  So the Renaissance geek inside of me already loved the name, so I checked them out online.  It all looked good so I booked Sammie's appointment for today at Noon.  We walk in and well i guess the picture explains it all...

She ends up getting her hair cut sitting on my lap, clenched to me.   But she was done quick and it just looks precious!

We had a girly lunch at La Madeline and then we were on our way home.  Such a tough day for my pumpkin!

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