Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Perfect Day

There are very few days that one can call a perfect day, but today was one of them.  A friend and I decided to take our daughters to the Houston Zoo and then for a picnic.  We arrived at the zoo and the sun was shining, there was a light breeze and it really wasn't that busy at the zoo.   

The girls were almost angels.  As close to angles as a two year old, one year old and three month old could be.  Samantha is notorious for trying to get out of her stroller, but today, she was fine allowing me to push her around to see the different animals.  We saw lions and panthers and prairie dogs and all kinds of fun animals.  The elephants had their babies with them, the orangutan was swinging and playing.  We couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time. 

After the zoo, we took the children on a train ride through the park and Samantha absolutely loved the train.  She kept saying train? train?  Choo-Choo?  She was just so excited to ride. 

We got off on one of the train stops where we sat at a picnic table and had lunch.  Then the children had an absolute ball on the swings and the playgrounds.  Herman Park was beautiful!  There were a variety of playgrounds all separated by age.  The kids found slides and objects to climb on that were perfectly suited for their ages.

After the children were done playing, we hopped back on the train and rode it back to where the cars were parked.  Samantha was passed out the entire way home.  I truly enjoyed the entire day with her and wouldn't change a thing.  I feel very blessed that we were able to enjoy such a perfect day.


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